Soft Surfaces in Bolehill

Soft Surfaces in Bolehill

We install a variety of children's playground surfacing as well as sports pitches, athletics facilities, gravel paving and many other outdoor flooring products.

Outdoor Surfacing Experts in Bolehill

Outdoor Surfacing Experts in Bolehill

Our team have worked on numerous projects for schools, nurseries, clubs and domestic homes to create decorative and functional outdoor spaces.

Decorative Paving Installers in Bolehill

Decorative Paving Installers in Bolehill

As well as children's playground and sports facilities, we also offer resin bound stone paving systems for driveways and commercial areas.

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Soft Surfaces in Bolehill

We are the leading market provider in various soft surfaces such as artificial grass, multi-use games areas, and wet pour surfacing.

After establishing in 1997, the progression that we have achieved throughout the past decade has been very successful, and as a result, we have been able to grow and expand.

When choosing to have a facility installed, good contractors must be chosen to provide a surface of immaculate quality.

We can provide this service by assisting you with any required advice on the different features of the project.


Products and Services

Our products and services are developed based on the demands of our clients. It is crucial that the client is happy with the service that we have provided and that the quality of the products we offer is excellent.

This is because we have expectations of the happy client to earn their loyalty and trust. We achieve this by offering different surfacing choices to ensure that the soft surfaces match the project description.

After the client has chosen a specific design, we work with them to create unique specifications that match their demands regarding their choice's price, purpose, and appearance.

Expert Surfacing Installers

We strive for excellent value and aim for the product to the best quality possible.

At our company, we understand the consistent need for value and quality, which is why we hold a team of specialists and an abundance of knowledge within the market to provide both.

As specialists within the surfacing industry, it is our duty to assist you by providing key information and top quality services that you require.

For any further information on any of our soft surfaces and the installation and features behind each of them or the services we offer, such as maintenance and repairs for your facility, please feel free to contact our team, and we’ll be more than happy to help fill you in with any answers you require.

Playground Flooring Designs

Children’s playgrounds are a major product that we provide services for. When playgrounds need surfacing or painting, they always require a very safe, attractive surface.

This is because of the children that will be playing on it. A bright play area will engage the pupils with the games area markings or sports markings because children like vibrant colours.

What Makes a Playground Safe?

Children should not play on playgrounds with non-impact absorbent surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, grass, dirt, or gravel.

Playgrounds should have soft surfaces such as sand, pea gravel, wood chips, mulch, and shredded rubber. Rubber mats, synthetic turf, and other artificial surfaces are also safe and low-maintenance options.

What Are Soft Playing Surfaces?

Soft playground surfacing is a playground requirement that is designed to cushion a fall. When parents turn their backs, children jump from swings or roughhouse on playsets.

Children can lose their balance on a piece of equipment at any time. They must land on something soft and thick enough to absorb the force and prevent a minor injury from becoming a catastrophic one.

School Play Areas

In schools, we tend to use colourful markings and graphics to create a game that the children will enjoy.

These play area games are very beneficial to both the children and the teachers because if the break is spent effectively by the children when they return, they will be fully revitalised and ready to learn.

However, the teachers will see benefits because the pupils’ attention span is wider. They will consequently learn more and take more information in.

Teachers will complete their job to a higher standard because the children will learn more effectively.

Children's Safety Flooring

Usually, our specialist team will install wet pour surfacing to a play area because of the many safety features that this provides for children.

Our wetpour soft surfacing is high quality and meets the required safety standard and critical fall height.

Wet pour is great for parks and playground because of the huge variety of different bright colours available for you to choose from. Whichever colour you desire for your soft surfaces, we will be able to provide an exciting design.

It also provides many benefits in maintenance, including porosity, as it allows the water to drain through.

Its non-toxic, durable finish means little maintenance other than a clean every so often to ensure that the surface stays porous and doesn’t get clogged up.

However, many other soft surfaces would suit a children’s playground. Rubber mulch allows schools to give their areas a rural feel and a natural look. This is usually very beneficial in forest areas with a lot of grass.

However, rubber mulch also comes with the safety qualities that are needed. This means that if the school wants to build a playground themed around trees or a park needs building, rubber mulch would be perfect.

How Long Will Our Wetpour Soft Safety Surface Last?

Depending on foot activity, a wetpour playground surface will last roughly 10 years before any maintenance is required. There's no need to truck in new surface filler every spring.

It can last up to 12-15 years if properly maintained. After that, it's just a matter of keeping up with it.

How Long Does Playground Surfacing Last?

Rubber tile flooring and poured-in-place flooring can both last 12-15 years. This lifespan is fairly attainable if properly maintained. One of the most appealing features of this flooring is its durability.

Multi-Use Court Surfacing

Multi-use games areas are often trendy amongst our clients. Many facilities such as schools, leisure areas and parks often purchase MUGAs to gain the many benefits.

The value for money is a key factor in multi-use court surfacing because the client receives lots of different sports for the same price.

This is possible through the excellent quality of our line-markings that are usually installed in different colours to make it clear to the players which markings are used for their sport.

Versatile Sport Facilities

The wide range of sports available for play on a multi-use games area depends on the facility's surface type. However, if the MUGA needs a resurface, we can choose the correct surfacing material for the client's sport.

A common example of this is the combination of basketball, netball and tennis, as these can all be played on macadam due to the beneficial ball-bounce feature that it offers.

As a leading MUGA pitch surface supplier, it is crucial that we inform you of the line-markings that need to be applied. When choosing the sports to be played in your facility, you must consider the dimensions and the providers of these line-markings.

This is because if the dimensions of the sports markings are incorrect or fitted incorrectly, it could cause a range of problems regarding players and competition during sports.

However, there are no strict rules on dimensions. If you are creating a facility for recreational sports purposes, then it is usually advised that you make some of the line-markings to fit a smaller dimension than the standard sizes.

For example, in schools, a basketball court is commonly applied at a smaller degree than the NBA’s dimensions. Obviously, the children are much smaller than the professional players.

MUGA Pitch Maintenance

Maintaining your multi-use court surfacing is relatively easy, considering you follow the correct strategy for protecting your facility.

Our team always recommends that a proactive maintenance approach ensure your facility lasts for as long as possible.

However, if a reactive approach is required to repair your surface, please contact us, and our team will visit your facility to help you with maintenance.

In playgrounds, safety should be the number one priority, meaning that repairs are essential to ensure that they cannot injure themselves. This can cause distressed parents and bad reviews of the facility and the school.

If you would like to hear more from us regarding the costs and designs for MUGAs, please contact us. If you have any questions, our team are always happy to help clients find all of the information or services they need.


Athletics Sport Surfaces

Many different facilities such as leisure centres, gyms, educational facilities and many more have athletics surfacing to obtain the crucial benefits.

Safety is the number one priority concerning athletics facilities, and for this reason, we recommend research to ensure your surface will be fitted by a professional.

In terms of our service, we always ensure that our service is as safe and secure as possible to avoid injuries and to ensure good publicity for the facility.

Athletic Facility Designs

Running tracks, long jump runways and high jump fans are commonly used as an athletics surface in many facilities. A few preferable surfacing types for these tracks are sand-filled multi-sport needlepunch surfacing and EPDM polymeric rubber.

This is because of the amazing non-slip feature that they offer to athletes, which allows them to cause fewer injuries through slipping and skidding and to allow them to not worry about the floor damaging their performance.

We offer a professional service derived from a wealth of previous experience due to many projects that we have completed in the past. The surfaces we offer for an athletics track are entirely based on the expected purpose of the facility.

Visually, the flooring can be designed to your specific needs and specifications through a range of different variables, including colour, size and design.

Maintaining Running Tracks

The maintenance of your running track can be very undertaken to a very efficient standard. A proactive approach will mean that any dirt can be cleaned away as quickly as possible to ensure maximum visibility in the line markings and ensure the anti-slip feature remains.

If the facility is placed near any trees, any fallen leaves must be taken care of immediately as these can be a major trip hazard to athletes on a running track.

In the winter months, ice can build up on the surface and cause permanent damage if not taken care of. The owner is responsible, and many different maintenance strategies can be undertaken.

Resin Bound Gravel Paving

The many benefits of resin bound to make it a popular choice amongst our products. We have provided resin bound gravel paving for a wide variety of clients and have a range of experience with the surface.

What Is Resin Bound Surfacing?

Resin-bound is very commonly found amongst pathways, driveways and walkways due to its durable, porous advantages that clients love.

Porous Stone Surfaces

Resin-bound paving is a very hard-wearing paving type that requires little maintenance after installation. For this reason, it is trendy for individuals looking to pave their driveways as the multiple times it will be used will not affect or damage the floor in any way.

Resin-bound stone flooring is porous, allowing water to drain through the surface to ensure no flooding and prevent the build-up of contamination, which could also affect the drainage.

Overall, this is extremely beneficial because the driveway will look extremely nice for a long amount of time and will efficiently complete its purpose because of the durable feature it offers.

Gravel Pathway Installers

As specialists in the installation of resin bound paving, we can also offer repairs and maintenance for your resin-bound regardless of whether it is on a pathway, driveway or walkway.

Resin-bound surfacing will not crack, which is a very beneficial feature to have for walkways as the pedestrians will be safe and protected from falling over any trip hazards at all times.

Sports Facility Surfacing

Our range consists of a wide range of sports facility-based products and services. We can install many different sports markings and sports surfaces to a facility to ensure that the intended sport will be playable to an excellent standard on the new surface. The sports we offer include tennis, football, rugby, basketball and many more.

Synthetic Pitch Designs

Our installers will provide a 3G pitch in many cases as this can be very beneficial for many sports, including football and rugby. However, for other sports such as basketball, a harder, bounce-easy surface is needed to ensure that the ball can bounce to a good standard to allow the game to be played correctly.

We offer several sports in MUGAs to provide organisations with a big selection of sports in a small area. For example, we usually install a football pitch on top of a rugby pitch by ensuring the colours of the lines are different so that the players understand the sport they are playing.

The sport facility surfaces we offer are available across the nation, and all you need to do to find out more is contact our specialist team. They will then provide the key knowledge and answers to ensure that you are fitted and updated with all of our products and services.

Outdoor Flooring Specifications

We can meet your desired criteria by offering a selection of choices for you to pick from. This way, we meet your specification, whether it is safety flooring in playgrounds or football and rugby pitches approved by governing bodies.

We advise that you research the soft surfaces before you actually purchase them. This is because all of the many products we offer are different from each other. Each has its own benefits for many different reasons.

For example, macadam is better for sports that need a bounce, like basketball and a tennis, but games like football and rugby need 3G pitches to support the players.

Other Services We Offer

For further details on our range of soft surfaces, please contact our team today through the contact form on this page.


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