Mixed Mulch Surfacing in North Down

Mixed Mulch Surfacing in North Down

The colour and design of the product is entirely up to you, we want to make sure that our clients have full control over the specification

Unique Playground Designs in North Down

Unique Playground Designs in North Down

This product has a huge range of different uses and can have it's specification altered to improve the overall quality of your facility

Trim Trail Safety Surfaces in North Down

Trim Trail Safety Surfaces in North Down

This surfacing helps improve the overall safety of your facility ensuring that if any children fall they won't get injured.

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Rubber Mulch Play Surfacing in North Down

Bonded rubberized chipping floors are made with recycled vehicle tyres, and they are often put down for recreational areas in North Down BT20 4 and across the country. This particular surface specification can be made to appear a lot like wooden bark as the tyres are crumbled into smaller pieces. We will then blend all these chips with glue and install them out on the specific area. It is typically laid for kids' playgrounds, as well as paths and walkways in public places. We install rubber shred surfaces in a lot of different depths, according to what is required. The selected depth depends on the Critical Fall Height demands for any equipment on the playground. The testing is completed to British Safety Standards. Play area rubber mulch is incredibly widely used around trim trails and climbing frames in Britain. In addition to offering top safety qualities, the colours and design are brilliant for current woodland themes and wooden equipment.

Bonded Bark Surfaces

During bonded rubberized mulch installation, we can lay the surfacing onto many pre-existing surfaces, such as tarmac and grass. It's good for surfaces that get muddy and waterlogged through rainy weather. The flexibleness on this system usually means it is very easily put on areas with features currently installed. We won’t have to place down any ground works so we are equipped to offer excellent rates to accommodate you. We can provide you with a quote that is budget friendly and features everything required. We provide quite a few colour options in North Down BT20 4 for playground rubber bark. A number of clients decide to have brown and green as these colour options match with rural looking outdoor features. A combination of pigmented rubberized chippings can be installed to provide a mixed look. Every customer can choose a distinctive design that changes the costs and prices which fits your budget and what you need.

Coloured Play Surfacing Designs

The flooring is flexible enough so it can be fitted around recreational features and furniture that you may currently have. These include climbing frames, slides, roundabouts, seats and tables. Rubber mulch bark is fantastic because it is completely permeable and porous. This means that water is able to pass through the material instead of puddling onto the floor which will save on costs in the future from maintenance. What this means is it does not have to have a lot of upkeep and it can be used all year round. If you are searching for an alternative to wooden chippings, this is a great product as it’s suited to all weather conditions. Little bits will not get lost from the flooring because it is all fully stuck down with the specialist binder.

Recreational Playground Surfaces

Playground rubber mulch is an incredibly resilient impact absorbing flooring system that works well in frequently used play facilities. For recreational areas which get a lot of heavy usage, the bonded mulch offers a tough and damage resistant specification. The impact absorbent properties produce better protective characteristics for kids. It offers impact absorption to cushion children’s joints so that they don't get seriously injured should they fall down. It's also wonderful for a decorative path surface type for community spaces in North Down BT20 4 such as outdoor parks.

What Is Rubberized Bark Surfacing?

Rubber mulch play surfacing is wonderful for flexible and durable walkways which get lots of heavy use. Other facilities can choose to set up the bonded rubber bark to generate soft walkways for people. With regards to routine maintenance for bonded mulch, all it will take is regular brushing to clear out debris from the floor. You can then stop contaminants getting into the surfacing as this could block up the pores and result in puddling which will reduce future costs. It’s crucial to ensure the area is as clean as you can to make certain it’s still safe for anyone who is making use of it.

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If you are looking to have rubberized bark surfacing installed at your facility then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us using the contact box. We will get back to you with information regarding the various different products and services that we have available and how they can benefit your facility. We will explain the various different costs for recreational rubberized play surfaces in North Down BT20 4 and how the costs can be altered to fit your budget.

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